We can provide all kinds of pipe processing.

By using of the 3D Laser Cutting Machine we can process pipes that diameters are 190 mm over we have not processed before.

We can cut stainless steel that the maximum thickness is to 25mm
(by Oxygen cutting).

Before we could not cut stainless steel of 25mm thickness with a Laser Cutting Machine, because the capacity of its oscillation unit was 3KW.
The Laser Cutting Machine that we have introduced is able to cut stainless steel of 25mm thickness and has twice cutting speed.
So we can answer cutting of stainless steel plate speedy.

Container (Stainless Steel)

Manufacture of a part and kitchen unit for business is also provided.

Rocker (Stainless Steel)

We can answer manufacture of kitchen unit for business too, irrespective of products number and size.